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Car Part Comparison provides a fully supported and comprehensive cross referencing service for rotating electric products.

Our cross reference service focuses specifically on starter motors, alternators and dynamos, giving motor factors more choice.

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Car Part Comparison cross references well over 500,000 part numbers from the UK’s most popular suppliers of rotating electric product.

Our systems can identify alternatives and also intelligently predict replacement parts should suppliers fail to link OEM to aftermarket product.

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Not only is our cross reference data completely free to access, but it’s also available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week meaning we’ll help you keep your customers happy 100% of the time.

Customise your Car Part Comparison account by matching aftermarket products to your stock number sequence

Simply upload your own cross reference file containing aftermarket numbers listed against your own stock number sequence so that our system can instantaneously match search results to your stock numbers.

Starter Motors

Starter motors are electrical motors used to rotate an internal combustion engine so as to initiate the engine's operation under its own power. That said, whilst starter motors are usually only used within the first few moments of a vehicle's journey, they are very important components indeed.

The modern starter motor tends to comprise a series-parallel wound direct current electric motor with a starter solenoid mounted on it. When the ignition key is turned in the cockpit, current from the starter battery is applied to the solenoid which engages a lever which subsequently pushes a drive pinion on the starter driveshaft into an engaged position within the starter ring gear of the engine flywheel.

The starter motor begins to turn when the high current contacts are closed by the solenoid. Once the engine has started, a spring within the solenoid pulls the pinion gear from the ring gear and the starter motor stops. At this point, the starter motor has fulfilled its purpose.

Of course, starter motors develop faults as they age and it is often necessary for them to be replaced. Finding replacement starter motors has never been easier for motor factors - with Car Part Comparison providing a comprehensive cross reference facility featuring over 250,000 starter motor part numbers.

Find replacement starter motors at the click of a button

Our cross reference databases allow you to search for replacement starter motors by vehicle manufacturer's number, unit manufacturer's number and also aftermarket/exchange numbers. With so many options, we're sure to be able to help you identify a suitable replacement for your faulty unit.

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